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2011 Soccer Program:

LFY Soccer is an affiliate club of the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA), Northwest District.

U10 Rec Plus Program for boys and girls teams play Saturday morning Jamborees throughout the month of June with possible scrimmages/games scheduled during the week.

U12-U19 Classic boys and girls teams play games during the week and some Saturdays into July.

Practices for all teams generally begin late April/early May usually on Monday and Wednesday evenings or Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Belle Prairie Soccer Complex (north of the bowling alley) in Little Falls.

WE WELCOME PLAYERS FROM NEIGHBORING COMMUNITIES! Each year LFYS teams include players from such towns as Royalton, Long Prairie, Pierz, Swanville, Randall, Fort Ripley, etc. Come join us for summer fun!

LFYS is in need of adults willing to help coach, referee and volunteer for other roles. If you are interested, PLEASE contact Julie Bell (Coaching Director) at 632-1033.

I was having a pretty good practice session working from my 7 iron to my 3 iron, then 3 metal and finally driver. My irons were working well, and after a few shots my 3 metal was flying pretty good. Then after my first 2 drives, which were excellent, I started getting erratic! I couldn’t figure out why. My balance was good, my weight transfer was good, my swing plane felt good…

Then I thought about a piece of advise that I had never before actually tried to practice. I’m going to call it the “Elbows Relationship Drill”, because I can’t remember what it was called when I heard about it. Anyway, it goes like this: At address, notice the distance between your football betting bets. For me it’s about 6 inches. Then try to maintain that distance, or relationship all through the swing, especially through the impact zone. It’s more of a feeling thing than anything else as you can’t really stop and check it when you’re making a swing.

LFYS is an affiliate club of Minnestota Youth Soccer....

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